Chronic fatigue is a silent killer as it makes you feel like you’re being sapped of your energy, leaving you tired and disinterested. Medical studies were not able to pinpoint the exact cause of CFS just yet but many researchers agree that this condition is related to one or all of these three problems:

  1. Immune system issues – Impaired immune system is common among people experiencing chronic fatigue. Researchers still have to conduct further studies whether this is a cause of CFS or a result. However, it is known that people with weak antibodies are more prone to illnesses.
  2. Hormonal imbalances – Chronically tired people show abnormalities in their blood levels, as well as in their hypothalamic, adrenal and pituitary hormones.
  3. Viral infections – Researchers have also discovered that people have started to feel the symptoms of chronic fatigue after diagnosed with a viral infection. Some viruses may have triggered the condition.

Chronic Fatigue – A Quick Check

Do you wake up in the morning still feeling cranky? Do you frequently feel tired? If you do, you might be experiencing the first signs of chronic fatigue. Apart from that, the following are also the common symptoms of CFS:

  • tiredness not relieved by sleep
  • sleeping for long hours
  • brain fog
  • exhaustion
  • muscle and joint pains
  • frequent headaches
  • feeling dizzy
  • tender lymph nodes
  • loss of focus and concentration
  • heightened irritability, frequent mood swings and anxiety
  • frequent night sweat and chills
  • frequent sore throat

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