Many researchers point out that an employee who’s chronically stressed and tired tend to have lower performance level and quality of work. Why? The answer is quite simple, actually. Chronic fatigue can cause impairments to our cognitive functions. Specifically, this is how your productivity slowly dies due to persistent exhaustion:

  • Loss of memory –  CFS patients performed significantly worse on cognitive and mental tests that assess ability to examine delayed and immediate visual retention.
  • Attentional-shift issues – Employees experiencing CFS are more likely to perform poorly on a extended and recurring performance task that tests reaction time and attention abilities.
  • Inability to carry out tasks that involve complex information processing – CFS patients tend to have difficulties with information processing, such as integrating new information with existing details.


If you’re experiencing the first signs of chronic fatigue, don’t worry. Here are the best ways to smarten up and get a good night’s sleep every day:

  • Be consistent with your sleep-wake cycle. Sleep early and wake up early, consistently.
  • Make your bedroom conducive to sleep. Redesign your bedroom if you need to. Choose a sleep-inducing colour scheme and get rid of any distractions (e.g., TV, PC) that might prevent you to sleep on time.
  • Strike a balance between mental and physical activities during the day. If you’re into office-based work, find time to do physical activities during the day. Or if you’re into field-work,  you can read a good book or listen to soft music before you go to bed. Just observe yourself to come up with bedtime rituals that will help you doze off longer and better.

Getting over chronic fatigue and improving one’s productivity level are really just about developing the right habits and strategies to ensure you’re always on the mood for work. To ensure you’re on the right track, call 0426 866 354 or email to talk with Priya Ramaraju, Melbourne’s leading naturopath and fatigue expert.