In the workplace, chronic fatigue syndrome is as frustrating for the manager as it is for the person experiencing it. So to save both parties the hassle and trouble of putting up with slack at work, here are the best ways employees can avoid this condition:

  1. Get connected. The workplace is marked with stiff competition between colleagues. But you should not take this personally. A recent research shows that good relationships at work is the key to achieving happiness. Too much competition may stress you out and cause tension between office mates. However, if you’re really a highly competitive person, make sure to keep it at a healthy and manageable level.
  2. Sweat it out. Regular exercise helps your body produce and release endorphins, the hormone responsible for alleviating stress, pain, anxiety and depression. Make it a daily habit to exercise at least 30 minutes a day to get your daily dose of happiness the natural way.
  3. Manage your time wisely and prioritise. Stress may also be caused by cramming, coping with too many deadlines and getting lots of tasks done in a single day. Don’t confuse overworking with productivity. Instead, come up with a realistic schedule of activities for that day to ensure you get all the priorities done.
  4. Eat right and get enough sleep. Plan a healthy meal every day. Eat a healthy, hearty breakfast to power you up the whole day and survive the demands of work. Then, wrap up  your day by eating sleep-inducing dinner foods.
  5. Meditate. Anxiety and ungrounded fear can also contribute to chronic fatigue. So as you go about your day, take time to meditate. Think about the good things you have and the goals you’re yet to achieve. Above all else, maintain a positive mindset towards work.
  6. Eliminate distractions at work.  Social media, video streaming sites and foods at arm’s reach are all distractions that can take your attention away from the task at hand. Avoid these temptations to ensure you’ll be able to complete all your tasks and avoid cramming the next day. Then, make sure to treat yourself for having successfully resisted the temptations.

Chronic fatigue causes a lot of productivity issues in the workplace, including absences, tardiness and sub-par work. So if you’re starting to feel you chronically lack the energy to work, you might like to pick up the lifestyle changes to overcome chronic fatigue mentioned above. Those who are already experiencing or are diagnosed for the condition might like to contact a fatigue expert. Call 0426 866 354 or send an email to to set an appointment.