“I came because I was tired and slumpy and was diagnosed with cfs . with PPriya’s help my tiredness has dropped and I have a lot more energy to do my cricket training and other activities. I found my memory and concentration increased and I was able to focus on my school work as well. What really helped me was the step by step approach. Priya’s individualized program has helped me in lots of ways because I have more energy and I can do some activities for longer and I can get to sleep way more easier now. The diet I was put also made me more confident because I feel and look fitter than I was at the start.”
Nick W(cfs for the past 2 years)

“The journey of 6 weeks of my weight loss program has yielded very good results. This journey was made possible with Priya’s emotional support and continuous monitoring.

When I got introduced into this program I was not very convinced whether I would really follow all the guidelines which was offered to me.But for Priya I would not have lost even 1 kg as eating was my hobby. Can you believe that I lost 5 kgs and also losing much more now in 6 weeks.

I would strongly recommend everyone to go through this program guided by Priya. She is an excellent counsellor and highly supportive and is available 24/7 just in case we run into difficult situations.”

Kamala(weight loss)
“I sought out the assistance of a naturopath after being diagnosed with emphysema. I was struggling with sleep, fatigue and poor general health. Since seeing Priya, I have been sleeping well and my general wellbeing has improved and now I am losing weight. I am well on the way to “A Better ME”.The support and the instruction I have received from Priya has made me feel comfortable changing the person I believed I was before.”
Melissa(Overweight, migraines, emphysema, insomnia)