Finally! The time has come for you and your partner to decide on having your own little bundle of joy. This next step is a bit scary but is a 100% rewarding. So you probably are wondering where to start? Making one is easy, but having one could be quite frustrating for others. Approximately, 3 out of 10 couples are unable to conceive. Before going on to that next step, it is very crucial for couples to know these preconception preparations to ensure a high level of success rate.

Do a Thorough Cleanse and Detoxification

It is important for you and your partner to do a thorough cleanse and detoxification as this can increase the fertility levels of both partners. By doing this, you have decreased the probability of having a miscarriage and nutritional deficiencies. Consulting a naturopath could greatly help. Usually, they would recommend you to do at least a 6-month preconception preparation. A naturopath could also help you address any hormonal deficiencies like Vitamin B deficiency, fatty acids, folic acids, zinc, iron, calcium, and iodine.

Diet and Nutrition

Be aware of whatever you put into your mouth as exposure toxins found in some food can decrease success rate of conception. Sperm is most vulnerable to these toxins than the eggs. Eat only organic foods that have high nutrients and are free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals. Foods to increase are whole grains, bread, cereals, rice, pasta, nuts and seeds, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, and vegetables.

Weight and Lifestyle Factors

Start adding exercise in your everyday regime. This is also the best time to kick bad habits such as smoking and drinking. It is also important that you avoid being too stressed while in the preconception stage. If you feel like you are already getting too tired to try, splurge yourself with a relaxing massage, or going for a nature walk, or going to yoga classes just to calm yourself down.

Improve Liver Functions

When you get pregnant, you will experience a gush of hormones and your liver is the one assigned to flush these hormones into your body. If there is an excess amount of estrogen in your body, it is the liver’s job to flush it from the system. So if your liver is not healthy, then it is going to be very overwhelming for you. The liver also helps toxins out of your body. Drink whole herbs like dandelion or milk thistle to help your liver function. A dose of lemon water can also aid on the daily dose of gentle liver cleansing.

A Healthy Body is a Fertile Body

Keep in mind that whatever you do to your body will affect its overall function. The important areas that you need to focus on when you are trying to conceive are:

  • Ensure that your body is hydrated
  • Promote good and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Keep your liver healthy

Starting healthy while being pregnant not only will be beneficial for you, it will also be beneficial for that special gift that you have always wanted.